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Last April, the ‘Social Fund’ was cut and the remaining money distributed to around 200 Councils. The fund had been used to provide Crisis Loans and Community Care Grants through the Job Centre. As part of an investigation with the Guardian, I looked at what was happening under the new localised system to the number of people applying for help – and the number of them who actually received support. Suffice to say the new scheme has been far from successful.

Read the full article here, and the associated datablog piece here.

The rise of food banks in the UK will probably define this recession. I’ve been working for the past few weeks on a report for Keith Taylor, a Member of the European Parliament, on how much and why food banks have grown in his constituency of South East England. The results are shocking, and some of the case studies of what was happening on the ground were deeply upsetting.  Read the full report and press release here.