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Communities and charities hold the answer to a more equal NHS

Black and minority ethnic people are shortchanged by mental health services

The crisis in local welfare assistance explained

Councils sit on £67m in emergency help for poor

Clip joint: bicycles

The jury is still out on the general power of competence

Local government: decision-making requires all hands on deck

True localism or selfish politics? Why the duty to cooperate is failing

Inside justice: London Rent Assessment Panel

It’s time to consider an alternative to council tax

The crisis of youth representation in local government

Lib Dems’ tuition fees U-turn leaves them vulnerable

New Statesman

169 evictions in Britain a day: “I knocked every door, and no one helped me”

Could co-operative housing be the answer to Britain’s troubles?

The Independent

The royal wedding could be a way for Windsor to fix its homelessness issues, rather than locking people up

Many of the celebrated white men of literature would want to be taken off the Cambridge English syllabus

After the Grenfell Tower tragedy, the Government cannot ignore the UK’s millions of renters any longer

Don’t worry about the wealth of the Duke of Westminster – worry about the richer foreign property investors above him

Instead of cracking down on racist landlords, the Government wants to introduce a law that will let them flourish

Inside Housing

Landlord apologises for ‘patronising’ welfare advice

Developers pledge to build more homes

Bedroom tax faces second legal challenge

HCA staff strike over pay offer

Universal credit threatens eviction amnesty

Scottish landlord signs deal with north east group

Team players


Victims of serious crime face arrest over immigration status

BBC Radio Norfolk piece on homelessness (sorry, no link!)

Culture of fear: NHS migrant charges risking health of pregnant women

Eviction nation: The hidden reality of court possession hearings

Windrush Kids: No justice & no peace in immigration debate

Home Office faces legal challenges over ‘right to rent’ migrant policy

MPs call for review into May’s ‘hostile environment’ for migrants

Home Office defeated at the High Court over deportations of EU rough sleepers

The fightback against May’s hostile environment has begun

Single parent families could be left ‘destitute’ as Home Office accesses child maintenance records

The real Theresa May: How the PM tried to introduce immigration checks in schools

Big Brother state: How May’s obsession with immigration turned Britain into a surveillance state

Revealed: MPs using immigration enforcement hotline to report people to the Home Office

Sadiq Khan says police are “duty bound” to report victims of crime to the Home Office

Met police hands victims of crime over to the Home Office for immigration enforcement

If the government won’t deal with the housing crisis, maybe we should

New Internationalist 

Could Venezuela-style housing reforms work for Britain’s Generation Rent?

Stop the foreclosures: Main Street takes on Wall Street

Joining Hands

Green European Journal

The New Urban Crisis: a manifesto for the status quo

‘Social housing, not social cleansing!’ The case of the Focus E15 mums

24 Housing

Renting is also an issue of race

New Fronter (no link, sorry!)


The rising tide of housing activism

Red Pepper

Packed with anger

The great British land sell


One Town, One Year, 11 Homeless Deaths

The Ecologist

Collaborative Consumption: Tool Sharing

Open Democrcay

Guardians of the Property: pop-up housing for pop-up people

Why does our national debate on integration ignore segregation by wealth?

The hidden costs of renting in modern Britain

Why a £10 minimum wage makes sense

Why are so many children in the UK going hungry?

Food bank nation: women in the home, the poor on the streets

Interview: why tenants are feeling let down, how they are fighting back

A boom in estate agents isn’t the road to real recovery

Gender, mental health, and intersectionality

Domestic violence: on the frontline of intersectionality

The far right in Burma, India and Sri Lanka

England needs an influx of young, diverse councillors

The February 15, 2003 protest ten years on: reflections on a decade

Diversity in the British judiciary: on the backburner for too long

An Englishman’s home is his castle – So long to our dream of ownership?

Time to scrap the UK’s council tax?

My first strike

In a world where education is a commodity, why not subcontract your PhD?

This isn’t the end of the far right in India

Byline Times

Thousands of Homeless People Excluded from London’s Flagship Support Service

PERMISSION WITHDRAWN: The Sinister Orders Banning Homeless People from Train Stations

Benefits Claimants Waiting Too Long for Poor Quality ‘Fit-to-Work’ Assessments, New Figures Reveal

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