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Project Fortify

Posted: March 19, 2021 in housing

I’m working on a project with the Museum of Homelessness called Project Fortify, specifically looking at how racism and xenophobia are making people homeless and subjecting them to intimidation, violence and putting lives and wellbeing at risk.

I know there is a huge amount of expertise and intelligence out there. So if you would like to have a conversation or point me in the direction of things I should be looking at and people I should be speaking to, I’d be really grateful for any help. There are some more details about the project here:

An investigation with Natalie Bloomer and Luke Butterly, this follows up on the work we’ve done on the hostile environment.

UK MPs have been using an official tips line to report people for immigration enforcement in greater numbers than ever before.

More than 150 tip-offs were made to a Home Office immigration hotline by MPs since the start of the COVID pandemic, a freedom of information request by VICE World News showed.

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