Research and report-writing

Capture - REPORTS

I undertake desk-based research independently of my journalism from time to time. Please do get in touch if you have any research projects which you’d like to work with me on.

My projects have included:


Matt Turtle, the Museum of Homelessness: Most recently Samir spent a year with us investigating the hostile environment, homelessness and xenophobia in the UK. He worked with us on the streets, sent FOIs, interviewed people, carried out research and pitched articles for press. He is a gifted investigator and instinctively gets the balance between balancing work on the ground with complicated analysis and research. He is also a great advocate, and represented us at meetings, public talks and in other settings. Our relationship with Samir goes back many years now, and we’ve always enjoyed working with him – we hope to do more of that in the future.

Beth Leslie, Economy: Samir created some case studies for us; selecting participants, interviewing them and writing up their stories. We were impressed throughout with Samir’s professionalism and the quality of his work. He was a pleasure to work with, and we wouldn’t hesitate to hire him as a freelancer for us again.

Office of Keith Taylor MEP: We commissioned Samir to write a report for us on food bank use in South East England. The report, which was clearly and persuasively written, brought together regional statistics to show the jump in food bank use across the South East. Samir’s work was thorough, on time and hugely informative. The report itself generated both national and local media coverage and Samir was always on hand to help with media queries as they came in.We certainly hope to work with Samir again and would recommend him to anyone looking for a freelance researcher or writer.

Jacqui Mackay, Banana Link: Samir produced a summary for Banana Link of extensive field research conducted in Cameroon and Ghana as part of a Comic Relief funded project, ‘Securing Decent Work in tropical fruit export production’. We needed someone with a clear sense of how to pull out and communicate the impact of our project work, who could quickly understand the context of our industry and could present this in an accessible tone for a consumer audience. Samir was able to do exactly this for us. Samir has a great writing style and the skill to quickly and efficiently produce expert copy for a target audience. We would happily work with Samir again!

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