The Rent Trap built on years of journalism, campaigning and policy work by myself and Rosie Walker. We set out to expose the desperate situation facing private renters, how it came about through deregulation, privatisiation and commercialisation, and what the alternatives are.



‘Every private renter in the UK needs to buy this book’ – Shiv Malik, Guardian investigative journalist and co-author of ‘Jilted Generation’

‘It is time to change what is possible. Rents are too high. The quality of what is rented is too low. Rights are minimal. The market has failed. Rosie Walker and Samir Jeraj have explored all the possible escape routes and found the way out’ – Danny Dorling, Halford Mackinder Professor of Geography, University of Oxford, and author of ‘All That is Solid’ (Penguin, 2015)

‘The authors skilfully weave together stories and statistics, giving you human depth of anecdotes backed up with evidence’ – Green World

‘Everyone should read this book’ – Left Foot Forward


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