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Following the revelations that significant figures in public life are openly flirting with ideas of eugenics, I wrote up a piece for Byline Times on how eugenics was behind some of the policy disasters of the 20th Century.

“Alongside the revelation that it was British institutions such as UCL which pioneered the thinking that informed the Nazis’ Final Solution, the other surprise for me when watching Angela Saini and Adam Pearson’s BBC documentary, Eugenics: Science’s Greatest Scandal, earlier this year was just how pervasive eugenics and the bunk science behind it was in British social policy.”

Read the full article here.

Here’s a post I’ve written up for Tessa Shepperson over at Landlord Law. It summarises a Communities and Local Government (CLG) Select Committee report on private rented housing sector (PRS). There have been more reports in the past decade on the PRS than you could shake a giant bunch of keys at. Most of these are worthy and well researched with clear recommendations – the problem is no one in central government really wants to do them.

Suffice to say I wasn’t impressed with the final CLG report, and have my doubts as to whether anything significant will happen as a result. In the next couple of months I’ll be looking into whether the current law is being enforced.

“In the last two weeks private rented housing (or PRS to use the jargon) has been on the mind of every policy wonk in the UK. The reason being publication of a report on private rented housing by the Communities and Local Government Select Committee.”

The full article can be read here.