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The Care Quality Commission found that around only one in six people who used crisis care felt the care they received had worked. This is a piece I wrote up on the back of some research I did in my day job to support the Care Quality Commission review, looking at the experiences of black and minority ethnic people.

“Ramone is in his mid-20s and with his family emigrated to the UK around 10 years ago from eastern Europe. He developed a severe mental illness that requires long-term care, but is not eligible for treatment. This means that when he becomes extremely ill, he is sectioned (usually by the police) and admitted to a mental health unit where he is medicated to a point where he can be released, with no care afterwards. This pattern has repeated itself for six years.”

Read the full piece here.

I wrote this short post after seeing a 500% interest advert is the window of a payday lenders in Hackney a while back. A vibrant community finance movement could help tackle the problems caused by high-interest loans peddled to the most vulnerable.

“In 1966 the film Cathy Come Home depicted the struggle of a once happy family thrown into poverty and misery after father and husband Reg is injured and loses his job.” Read more

A blog post for the excellent Landlord Law Blog run by Tessa Shepperson on Property Guardians and why I think they’re problematic.

“Over the past couple of years a clutch of feature articles and comment pieces have lauded the concept of Property Guardians.

These are people who register with an agency who manage empty property (for example, which is due to be converted or knocked down).”  Read more