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Fears have been raised that criminal offences could go unreported after it was revealed that the Metropolitan police has been referring victims of crime over to the Home Office for immigration enforcement.

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“In the race to rent?” That’s what the advert from Rightmove asked at my local bus stop. It made me angry – housing is a right, not a race. But in the last two decades, instead of building housing for people, we’ve built a housing crisis. One which renters are at the sharp end of.

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A week at Inside Housing

Posted: March 24, 2013 in articles
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Last week I did a work experience placement at Inside Housing magazine, a trade mag mainly aimed at social housing professionals. It was a week dominated by the Bedroom Tax and the Budget, and a great place to work at.

Here’s a selection of  articles with bylines from the week:

Tory council to force 21-year-olds to share rooms – where digging into the background papers to a press release really came in handy.

Bedroom tax faces second legal challenge – a good story we were first to report on.

Landlord apologises for ‘patronising’ welfare advice

Scottish landlord signs deal with north east group

Universal credit threatens eviction amnesty

HCA staff strike over pay offer

Developers pledge to build more homes