Why a £10 Minimum Wage makes sense

Posted: November 9, 2014 in Uncategorized

Ever since the introduction of the Minimum Wage, there has been a massive debate over the impact of raising wages. The minimum wage was never intended to be the standard wage for whole sectors of the economy, and yet that’s what it has become. I helped a fellow Living Wage campaigner write up some thoughts on why a £10 minimum wage would be a good thing.

“On the September 4th Green Party Leader Natalie Bennett announced that her party would campaign for a £10 minimum wage at the next election. It’s a radical policy compared to Ed Miliband’s £8; if the Minimum Wage keeps pace with inflation, and if inflation averages 3%, then Labour’s offer is barely more than an inflation plus 1% extra per year until 2020. The Green Party’s proposal is significantly, eye-catchingly, higher – but is it a sensible or defendible policy?”

Read the full article here.

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